Sugar Creek Township Fire Protection District

Trenton, IL

The S.C.F.D is currently looking for volunteers.

The Sugar Creek Township Fire Protection District (SCFD) has been providing emergency services to the city of Trenton and outlying areas for over a century. This protection has been professionally performed by dedicated volunteers who live within our district. The members of SCFD take great pride in ensuring that our friends and neighbors are safe. However, as we continue to provide this service, we are looking for help from our community.

The SCFD is a 100% volunteer department. Our members collectively donate thousands of hours of their personal time each year training to be the best firefighters they can be and protecting our community. Sometimes our duties interrupt our personal lives, but we accept these interruptions because we are dedicated to providing our services to the residents of our district. We are proud to be members of the SCFD and have found that most people who join the fire service truly enjoy it. Friendships are made that last a lifetime.

There are many different jobs that go along with joining the department: providing fire safety and prevention education every year at Trenton Elementary and St. Mary Elementary, talking to the public about the importance of fire prevention at various Trenton events, driving fire apparatus, operating water pumps, directing traffic, assisting EMS at vehicle accidents, operating the jaws of life, equipment testing and maintenance, and of course interior and exterior firefighting.

The SCFD is seeking men and women who are interested in joining the SCFD. We would prefer applicants who are available to respond to calls between 6:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. We are asking businesses in the area to allow interested employees to leave work to respond to daytime calls. We urge interested individuals to speak with their employers to see if this is possible. Please remember these are your businesses and homes we are working to protect. We currently have four openings on the department. Filling these positions with individuals that can respond to daytime calls is a priority for the SCFD. However, we will accept applications from anyone willing to join the department. Our current staffing provides a large number of responders for nighttime calls. We want our daytime responders to have the same dependability and strength in their crew. Adding additional daytime responders would give SCFD the strength and reliability we are looking for. The SCFD pays for all equipment and training for our firefighters.

 If you live in our district and are interested in joining the Sugar Creek Township Fire Protection District, please contact me. I will answer any questions you may have.  Additionally, you can click here to download an application.

 Thank you,

Mark Brown

Public Information Officer

Sugar Creek Township Fire Protection District


S.C.F.D. Business Pre-Plan Forms

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The Sugar Creek Township Fire Protection District is looking for motivated volunteers to join the department. You must be at least 18 years old and live within the fire district to join. However, we will accept applications prior to your 18th birthday. No experience needed, we will provide you with training. If you are interested in the Fire Service as a career, this would be a great stepping stone or it would be a great opportunity for you to help protect the lives and property of those in our community. You can stop by the Fire House on our training nights, call us and leave a message, or e-mail us and we will provide you with an application.   Click here to download application.


Please help support our fundraising efforts. Raffle tickets can be purchased from any Trenton Firefighter, at Trenton Processing, or just click here to print and mail to:

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